Tryout Results and Practice times

Hi all! Tryouts were great and we are glad you have decided to join us! Please do not forget to see the cost grid and additional information for the 2017-18 season listed under the all star cheer tab! The same one you used to get here! Everything you need to know is listed. The grid also has the competition schedule! We will have a parent meeting later in the summer discussing the season and parent club! In the meanwhile feel free to look at the board beside the bathrooms to check out our current fundraising options for this season.  

If you see you number listed below you are formally invited to join our full season cheer! We have decided to have ALL athletes come in on Wed July 12th and Wed July 19th from 9:30-11:30AM, so that we can stunt with all kids before we make final decisions on the teams. If you are hoping to join our Senior team, you should be working to get your tuck to the point where you are able to perform it in a running tumbling pass. We have a tucks clinic $85, on July 16,17,18 so if you need to work on it, please make sure you are there.

Also, for the next 2 weeks  July 18 and 25 we have decided to have an additional 1 hour slot (Tuesday 7:30 to 8:30) for All of the athletes. Although Sr team will not use this slot in the future, it will be the permanent slot for the younger team. If we decide to add another crossover team, an additional time slot will be offered. The evening slot will not change for fall.

After this 2 weeks of Wednesdays we will then separate the teams. Sr team will be Wednesdays 9:30 to 11:30AM, and the younger team will be 11:30 to 1:30PM. if we decide to do an additional team for crossovers it will be Thursday AM starting July 27.

Come fall, once school starts, we will move all teams to Sunday mornings. We will specify times mid Aug but they will be after church time. 

The following numbers should plan to attend this Wed morning 9:30 to 11:30AM. 100, 10, 110, 113, 120, 215, 230, 225, 301, 215, 330, 315, 345, 350, 415, 430, 515, A104, A105, 715, 725, 816, 825, 502, 503, 410, A100, 7, A101, A102, A103, A106, A107, A108, A109, A110, R111, R115, R118,  Also, we have had numerous kids on vacation and unable to attend tryouts. So, if you know anyone in that situation or anyone that planned to join bring them in on Wed form 9:30 to 11:30 so we can see them! If you do not see your number please e mail the gym at, or look for an e mail from us!

Having done this for years, we know that is in the best interest for the kids if we do not rush into decisions until we look at the stunting, so we plan to be very careful and consider everything prior to asking kids to cross and or be placed on an older team! See you on Wed!

We look forward to a fantastic season!