All Star FAQ

Element All Stars (General Program Facts and FAQ)
1. How often do you practice? Generally All Star Cheer full year teams practice 2 days/week.  The current exception is the Tiny Team and the half year team who practice 1 day/week but for less time..  Note:  Tinies practice year round unlike prep  teams.
2. How many kids are on your teams? Based on the turn out during try-out season the teams can have anywhere from 15 to 32 kids. 20 and under would be considered a small team, and over 20 is considered a large team.
3. How do you decide which team my child is best suited for? The teams are picked based on a number of criteria. Age, experience, flight skills, tumble skills, and need for bases or flyers for any particular team. The only specific factor that would keep a child from a team is age. For example a child on a senior level team must be age 10 by Aug 31st of that particular year.
4. How do you determine flyers? The kids flying on any given team are picked based on a number of criteria. Mostly, can they balance when being lifted in the air by the others we have on the team. There have been plenty of times that an ultra flexible girl cannot be lifted because she cannot balance herself, or has a weak ankle. We've also had instances of a child that is ultra sturdy but doesn't come to practice consistently  (thus our attendance policy). We cannot in good faith use this child either, as he/she is not reliable! Please trust the coaches in these instances, as spots and routines change and get more difficult throughout the year. Sometimes this necessitates changes in flyers. This is why we always tell your child to stretch, stretch, stretch. You never know when you might be asked to fly!
5, What is a crossover? A crossover is a child that competes for 2 of our teams. They have a primary team, and then a team that they cross to.
6. Who governs All Star Cheer, can our kids just do whatever they want? There is a non profit org called the USASF. This org lays out and determines all safety rules and whats allowed to be preformed in each level of all star cheer. There are 5 levels. Please visit for more information.

       Tumbling needed:                                                                          Stunting allowed:

      no tumbling required                                                                       No tosses allowed
      walkover (front and back) allowed                                                Singe leg stunts below shoulder level
      Series walkovers and combo passes                                         single legs at shoulder level held by the hand

Level 2

    Tumbling needed                                                                                Stunting Allowed

     back/front handsprings, no series standing allowed                  Straight ride tosses
     frontwalkover round-off bhs series                                                  Single leg stunts at shoulder level
     backwalkover bhs                                                                               extensions

Level 3

     Tumbling Needed                                                                                 Stunting Allowed

     standing BHS series                                                                             Extended single leg stunts
     toe touch BHS                                                                                         pike, toe touch,and twisting tosses
     roundoff back tucks
     punch front tucks
     roundoff BHS back tucks

8. How do I prepare my child for tryouts? The above outline will give you a great idea of what your child should be working on individually for tumble. Do not wait until the last minute to prepare. Enroll in tumble now. It will physically enhance your child as well as give them confidence through the tryout process. Unfortunately, a single BHS is no longer the sole thing needed on a level 2 . A series running pass (ie..front walkover connected to a round-off BHS ) will enhance the team in a big way!