General Gym Rules & Policies

General Rules

  • Cheerleaders and recreational tumblers should arrive at least 5 minutes early and should be in the stretching area ready to begin at the start of class.
  • No food, gum, jewelry, or outside shoes allowed on spring floor.
  •  Water bottles are encouraged, as athletes should only to drink water during practice. Clean up when finished with class.
  • cell phones and other electronic devices should be silenced for the duration of practice.  They should not be used unless given permission by a coach.
  • Cheerleaders must keep their belongings in the designated areas.
  • Practice/competition shoes should be worn for practice and competition only!  These shoes are not to be worn outside the gym for any reason. If pre-season shoes become overly worn looking, you will be required to purchase another pair for competition season…so take care of the shoes! 
  • Hair must be pulled back.
  • All items inside the gym are the responsibility of the athlete who brings them in, and the gym is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Parents are not to arrive to cheer practice prior to end time.                                                       
  • During the competition season the practices are closed to parents. This is only to ensure we have full attention of the girls.Please leave the coaching to us. Do no talk to your child during practice (both tumble and cheer). There are many things going on in the gym at one time and we need full attention and concentration of the girls at all times. Do not sit beyond the parent seating area, as this is a liability for the gy
  • Please do not approach or text the coaches with problems or concerns before or after practice. You can txt about setting up a meeting, but most conflicts need to be dealt with face to face.  We will be glad to set up time outside of practice to meet with you.  We need to be focused so we can give your children 100%