Recreational Tumbling

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  • All cheer and tumble classes require a yearly $35 registration fee due Sept 1st. (medical insurance information is required). 
  • All Gym Fees are due on the 1st of every month. We encourage automatic payments via bank draft or credit/debit card.  This can all be managed through the customer portal.

Beginner Tumble: Ages 3 and up. The class will focus on beginning tumble, stretching techniques, strength, and trampoline fundamentals. This class will teach forward rolls, splits, the beginning of cartwheels, and bridge-ups.  $43.00 Monthly : Wednesdays 5:45-6:30pm

Level 1:  Ages 5 yrs and up. This class may be divided up based on the group's skill level.  They will be taught anywhere from the basics of side cartwheels on dominant side, alternate arm and leg elevations while in a bridge, back bend to an 8” mat without arms collapsing, standing back-bends, kick-overs, round-offs, floor handstands, handstand forward rolls. More advanced level 1 tumblers will work on both front and back walkovers and power hurdle round offs. Drills essential for strength needed by the child in order to be able to learn and perform the back handspring will be
implemented. $48.00 Monthly :  Wed 6:30-7:30pm

Level 2:   Back Handsprings 101:  This class is designed to focus more time on the development of the Back Handspring for the child who is ready for the skill. Drills are designed to break the back handspring down to smaller parts in order to develop each part to the fullest. Approaches to round-offs will be emphasized as well as strength conditioning in order to allow the child to progress as fast as possible to the goal of the Back Handspring, and round off back handspring. Back walkovers and front walkeovers will also be practiced. $58.00 Monthly: Thursday 5-6pm

Level 3 : Tucks 101:  This class is designed for the athlete who needs more intensive training in the area of front and back tucks. The class will focus on all the skill basics as well as strength conditioning. All students must be approved by the instructor. $68.00 Monthly: Thursday 7:30-8:30pm

Level 4 Twists and Layouts: This class continues to improve standing ariel skills such as tucks, as well as focuses on obtaining a higher stronger tuck leading to a layout and eventually a half or full twist. Must be approved by an owner to enter this class. $68.00 monthly: Sat 11:30-12:30

 Ninja Kids   – We provide your kids with a safe and fun environment to let your child jump ,swing, climb under, and over everything! Here we combine gymnastics, parkour, and ninja obstacles to work on core strength, agility, speed reaction time, and balance. They will learn to connect moves to make a flowing combination of flipping, landing, and hanging.   Accepting registration now. Enter "Ninja" in the comments section of the registration form found under the 'Register' tab.  If current or returning member, please email  Gift certificates also available! Summer session June 18th - July 30th.  Tuesdays 6-7pm (6 week session)